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●Visa applicants must visit the embassy in person along with their passport, visa application form and all other documents required according to the purpose of stay. We recommend the applicants to phone the Embassy to make an appointment.

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Other Important information

●North Macedonia Citizens (Short Term Stay Visa Exemption)

Citizens of North Macedonia are not required to obtain visas to enter Japan when their visits are tourism, business, visiting relatives/ acquaintances, etc. The period of stay granted at the time of the landing permission will be 90 days. However, when they engage in paid activities in Japan, or their periods of stay exceed 90 days, visas will be required to enter Japan.

About Visa Exemption (Short Term Stay)

Non North Macedonia Citizens

Only those individuals who have Permanent/Temporary Resident Permit or Working Visas from North Macedonia can submit visa applications to this Embassy.

Overseas Travel Insurance

Foreign national coexistence policies (15Nov2022)(Immigration Services of Agency of Japan)


Bringing meat products, plants or fruit into Japan is strictly restricted.
Animal product: